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Through engagement and networking, EAC artists are able to collaborate, share creativity and gain helpful insight from other emerging artists. The EAC also works with local organizations and professional artists (EAC Partners) who provide mentorship and opportunities to the artists.

"We at Emerging Artists Corps. want to create an environment that encourages the next generation of professional artists  in metro-Detroit through engaging, learning, and networking." 



Under the age of 30? Apply to be in our 2021 art fair in Shed 5 at the Eastern Market.



Why I created the Emerging Artists Corps.

Trinity is the head designer at Trinity’sWireCreations, LLC and the director of Emerging Artists Corps. Since she has started creating jewelry, she has participated in nearly 20 art fairs including the Belle Isle Art Fair, Palmer Park Art Fair, and the Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair as a Emerging Artist.

 At the age of thirteen she became the mentee of three esteemed local artists, Michele Sapp (Annie’s Dolls), Mary Kernahan (MCKernahan), and Kathleen Robinson (PaintedPetalz). 

Soon she was introduced to the Mint Artists Guild where she spent the next 5 years learning how to effectively market and brand her work; she went on to create several lasting connections with her peers. 

In 2018, she curated her first art show, highlighting the emerging artists in the metro-Detroit area. The then named Curved Teen Artists Show brought over 1,000 visitors, and each artist reported making profit, building connections, and gaining helpful experience. 

Most recently the (renamed) Curved Emerging Artists Show teamed up with the renowned Eastern Market team, where they were able to take over Shed 5 and give 50 artists the chance to sell their work. 

Trinity has dedicated her time and efforts to prepare the next generation of artists, just like the Mint Artists Guild was able to do for her. 

“I cannot wait to be inspired by the next generation of artists in my city.”



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