Each artist regardless of tier level will be exposed to equal opportunities of collaboration, engagement, and networking. As we gather partners who are seeking out different talents, each artist will create a profile that we will use and submit as a type of resumé to be considered for different jobs, roles, and activities.

In addition to creating the profiles, each artist will be able to participate in the annual EAC Art Show, where they will be able to showcase their artwork and talents.


Here are some (tentative) topics to expect if you apply to the EAC. All of these workshops will NOT be required for any tier, but will be extremely helpful.

  • Social Media Content Creation

  • Art Profile Building

  • Collaborations Across Mediums

  • Art Fair Etiquette

  • Luck, Going Viral, and the Wisdom to Know the Difference

  • Engagement Groups and Their Benefits​

  • Developing Your Artistic Brand

& More


Tier 1

Just starting out your artistic journey? Been at it for a few years? Whether you're just starting or have been creating for years, becoming a young artists in tier 1 allows artists to gain a great level of insight from each workshop they attend. They are required to attend the majority (4-5) of the workshops so that they absorb as many opportunities they can, as well as insight to be promoted to tier 2.


Tier 2

Young entrepreneurs are the artists who have the experience, but have had trouble finding artists and programs to collaborate with. Networking is a major part of developing an artistic brand, so instruction for young entrepreneurs in workshops will highlight networking.


Tier 3

Young visionaries are artists who have completed the full program (or a program similar to it) and are elected by a jury to become mentors. In addition to being compensated for each workshop, these mentors are put in groups with both young artists and young entrepreneurs to share their expertise and experience selling their work in the city.